Summer celebrations in Estepona.

19th July 2023
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Summer is here

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Dolan Property
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22nd June 2023
By Michael Dolan

Summer celebrations in Estepona.
Summer is here, bringing with it endless days of brilliant blue skies, and sizzling temperatures.
Visitors flock to the coastal towns of the Malaga and Cadiz provinces. Holidaymakers, second-home
owners and locals, fill the beaches, cafes, bars, and restaurants – and there is a party atmosphere
wherever you go.
Stunning sandy beaches, mouth-watering food, an eclectic nightlife, and an average of 325 days a
year of sunshine. It is easy to see why the Costa del Sol is the preferred holiday destination of both
the northern Europeans and Spanish alike.
Estepona lies in the heart of the Costa del Sol; between San Pedro de Alcántara to the east, and
Casares Playa to the west. It has over 20 km of coastline, with 17 different beaches. The town hosts a
variety of events: the food and wine market along the promenade; open air concerts and shows. In
addition to the culture, Summer in Spain, brings with it the commemoration of various saints’ feast
days … and the town fairs.
There is always something going on, and plenty of reasons to celebrate!

San Juan celebrations in Spain
On the night of 23 rd June, all over Spain, (and many parts of Latin America) the feast of San Juan is
celebrated. In towns up and down the Costa del Sol, as night falls the beaches are transformed into a
lively, open-air party with music, dancing and fireworks.
What is known as San Juan – the feast of St John the Baptist in the Catholic religious calendar (24 th
June), has been merged with the much older ritual of marking the Summer Solstice (21 st ), the
shortest night of the year (in the northern hemisphere), a day when it seems “as if the sun stands
still in the sky”.
The celebrations of San Juan are usually held on the beach with roaring bonfires, food, drink, and
friends. The festival is a blend of fire and water. Tradition states, if people jump over a bonfire three
times on San Juan's night, they will be cleansed and purified, their problems burned away. Then at
midnight there is a rush to bathe in the sea, (some just simply to clean the face and feet) to wash
away evil spirits and bring good luck for the 12 months ahead.
Alongside the bonfires, muñecos are burnt, (similar to the British tradition of burning guys on Guy
Fawkes Night). These dolls are often infamous local or national personalities and are ritually burned
on the beach just after midnight to bring good luck.

In Estepona, La Rada Beach (near the centre of the old town) is a good place to join in the partying,
and there is often a stage set up for live music and bands.

Virgen del Carmen Festival
The festival of the Virgen del Carmen (dia de la Vigen del Carmen) is celebrated on July 16 th . The
Virgin is the patroness of all seamen. Sailors, fishermen and all sorts of seafarers worship the saint as
she protects them from the dangers of the sea.
Many coastal towns in Spain celebrate this day with parades through the streets. Local fishermen
carry effigies of the Virgin to the seafront, where it is met by a flotilla of decorated boats. There are
prayers said, and then often the fishing boats, adorned with flowers and lit up by lights, with one
carrying the statue, set sail to travel up and down the immediate coastline.
Estepona is a long established, traditional fishing community, and the marina continues to be a
working commercial port. The Virgen del Carmen festival is a major event in the town, and
celebrations last for several days. The parade, the music, the spirit of the fishermen and the deeply
religious emotion of this holiday gives you a true insight into the area’s history and culture.

Ferias on the Costa del Sol
During the Summer months, the cities, towns, and even villages, up and down the Costa del Sol (in
fact throughout the whole of Spain) have their annual feria (which is the town festival or fair). The
ones in Andalusia are well-known for the traditional flamenco dress of both men and women, the
horses, music, singing and dancing, fairground rides, concerts, and partying late into the night (or
early hours of the morning).
Celebrations can last anywhere from four to seven days. The first ferias of the year typically begin in
spring following Semana Santa (Holy Week). There is usually a local holiday that occurs within the
week of feria and businesses and schools will close for part of the celebrations, people enjoy time off
from work and studies to participate in the fun.
This year Marbella’s feria took place from 6 th - 12th June. Malaga’s annual city fair will be in August
2023 (12th - 19th Aug). Estepona Summer Feria takes place the first week in July from Tuesday
through to Sunday (4th to the 9th of July 2023) giving everyone a whole week to enjoy dancing,
drinking, and eating. It is a major event in the province and people travel for miles to join in the fun.

Property Sales in Estepona
The municipality of Estepona shares inland borders with Benahavis and the Los Reales de Sierra
Bermeja Natural Park. It is home to residential areas and developments such as Bahia Dorada, Galera

Park, Seghurs, Selwo, Casasola, Reinoso, El Padron, Benamara, El Paraiso, Estepona West, Marina
and Port, Old Town, and the New Golden Mile.
If you are looking for a home, or holiday apartment on the Costa del Sol, close to a bustling
metropolis with lots to do, but with a slightly more relaxed vibe, and plenty of sunshine, Estepona is
the place to buy a property in Spain.
We understand that choosing a new home is a big step, and for those of you buying or selling a
property in a foreign country, it can be very stressful. Our team of real estate experts provide a full
‘hands on’ service. We work in partnership with you (our client), your lawyer and any other
professional advisers or consultants. Dolan Property is here to help you through the whole process,
every step of the way.
We are based in the heart of Marbella’s Golden Mile and specialise in high quality, desirable
properties in prime residential locations; Marbella, Istan Road, Nueva Andalucia, Benahavis, San
Pedro and Estepona.
Dolan Property specialists are committed to the highest levels of business and ethical standards,
and we are proud members of the Leading Property Agents of Spain (LPA).

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